One of our many hallmarks at Cricket Exchange is creating a safe and fair gaming environment for our users. As a fantasy platform, it is our primary responsibility to make sure the culture of fair play is fostered among our users. We’ve taken up all the required measures on our part to ensure that, and we expect our users to uphold the same standards we’ve set for ourselves. Violation of any of our practices listed below or our Terms & Conditions will lead to penalties such as, including but not limited to, restriction, suspension or termination of accounts.

Referral Limit: The maximum number of referral coupons a registered user can earn is 1 (One). However, there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. The referral coupon should be utilized within 30 days after being credited, after that, it will expire and no longer be available to use.


The same rules apply to all users

  • Every user gets a maximum of 100 credit points to create a team
  • Team selection criteria is the same for every user
  • The deadline for submitting teams is the same for every user

One user, one team

  • A user is allowed to create just one team in a match

Tracking your opponent(s)

  • Every user has access to their opponent’s team

Contest winners

  • Details regarding fantasy points system is provided on our website and app
  • Winning amounts are clearly stated
  • Winnings/rewards are promptly credited to the accounts
  • Only credible third party sources are referred for match scores


  • A single user having multiple accounts
  • Colluding with other users to unfairly achieve a collective outcome
  • Using of third party software to achieve unfair advantage
  • Impersonating any person
  • Submitting fake documents or some else’s documents

    Users must ensure that KYC documents submitted to us must be complete, accurate, and up-to-date. Submission of fake or forged documents will lead to penalties

  • Buying, selling, and sharing of accounts

    Trading of accounts involves risks and Cricket Exchange is not liable for losses incurred from such trades.

  • Misuse of bonus

    Creating multiple accounts to avail multiple one-time bonuses will lead to penalties.

  • Accessing accounts of users without their permission
  • Registering a username, or uploading content that is racist, castetist, obscene, indecent, abusive, or unlawful in any manner
  • Registering usernames and uploading content with the intent to promote a product/service
  • Users can't use the same PAN, bank account and/or UPI ID details on any other Cricket Exchange account(s)


  • Depending on the severity, a user will be barred from accessing their accounts permanently or temporarily and their funds will be frozen, if under review they are found to engage in Fair Play violations.


  • Only genuine verified accounts are allowed on the platform
  • Transactions at Cricket Exchange are 100% safe and secure
  • Credit/debit card details are not stored or retained by us in any form
  • Cricket Exchange is committed towards protecting your personal information from unauthorised access